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Aria SC Karlovčanka

Hot drinks

Drink quantity price (kn)
White coffee cup 14.00
Cappuccino cup 11.00
Espresso cup 9.00
Hot chocolate cup 16.00
Coffee with milk small cup 10.00
Coffee with milk small cup 10.00
Coffee with cream cup 13.00
Cocoa cup 14.00
Decaf. coffee cup 13.00
Nescafe cup 14.00
Tea cup 12.00
Milk l 25.00
Cream serving 6.00
Honey piece 2.00
Cup for coffe to go kom 1.00

VAT and other taxes are included in the price. It is prohibited to serve or allow consumption of alcoholic drinks to persons under the age of 18. Information about submitting complaints can be found at the bar.

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